PMI offers specialized services that support every step in the product development cycle of a medical device – from prototype development, R&D trials and GLP preclinical trials, to physician and sales force training.

At each stage of this process, PMI provides expert capabilities in comparative medicine and are leaders in experimental surgery to help optimize device design and performance. PMI also works with vaccine and drug development companies by successfully implementing general pk/tox studies for safety and efficacy.

At PMI we want our facility to feel like an extension of your lab. Our team should be part of your team as your success is our success. Plan to benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience, as our proficiency in experimental surgery sets us apart from the rest.

Service Capabilities

PMI offers a wide range of services in the following areas:

Experimental Surgery
Physician and Sales Team Training
Cadaver Studies
Pharmaceutical Product Development


My PMI Experience

  • “PMI adds tremendous value to the medical device industry by serving the critical needs of R&D and preclinical studies. They truly become part of our Company in a seamless fashion.”

  • “It is always a great pleasure to conduct a pre-clinical study at PMI. Starting from the planning, scheduling and approval processes, to the study itself and the subsequent follow-up are all exceptional.”

  • “The PMI team is dedicated to ensuring the success of my project, through their collective breadth of experience, targeted approach to study design and unending commitment to customer satisfaction.”

  • “I have had the privilege of working with PMI for close to a decade and with numerous startups. It is always a great pleasure to conduct a pre-clinical study at PMI.”

  • “I find PMI to be a valuable partner as I continue to pursue medical device innovation.”

  • “I have relied on PMI’s clinical research services for over twenty years; their knowledge base and procedural execution has been instrumental in facilitating my ability to develop marketable medical devices in multiple startup entities.”