Pharmaceutical Product Development CRO

Pharmaceutical Capabilities at PMI

PMI is well-known for its specialty–medical device research and development–but PMI also has extensive experience with general pharmaceutical product development, including basic pharmacokinetic (PK) and toxicology studies. PMI’s on-point familiarity with both industry news and CRO news keeps its approaches to preclinical research current and forward-thinking.  This is true of both medical device testing and pharma product development.

More specifically, at PMI we provide in-house pharmaceutical services–for example, a wide variety of dosing methods with timed bleeds–and the coordination of pharma outsourcing of tests that may need added expertise. When the protocol plan calls for it, PMI also delivers test samples for analysis in the client’s facility.

Providing foundational preclinical trials to investigate the safety and efficacy of a new product so it can proceed to clinical trials and on to manufacturing and distribution is what PMI does best.  Rigorous research methods that insure validity and reliability are paramount at PMI.