Case Studies

Disease Model Development

In a recent study, a client working in the area of atherectomy device development sought the assistance of PMI for an appropriate animal model for the evaluation of their medical device… >

Physician Training

A medical device manufacturer sought the expertise of PMI to assist in developing a physician training program… >

Prototype Development

An early-stage medical device company developing a novel, minimally invasive approach to the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm came to PMI for help in meeting a critical financing goal… >

Market Expansion Studies

A medical device company with an approved wound healing product on the market wanted to expand the labeling for its device without going through the full FDA pre-market approval (PMA) process… >

Interventional Treatment Training

A company developing an innovative interventional device for treating refractory angina was preparing to begin its first clinical trials when it turned to PMI to fulfill a surgical training need… >

In Vivo Training

A local hospital had just acquired a new endoscopic unit, and a case was scheduled for the next day when surgeons contacted PMI to provide an in vivo training session… >