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A Preclinical Contract Research Organization

PMI is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) specializing in medical device testing. Our focus is to help you get from research to clinical application as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our AAALAC-accredited research facility in San Carlos, California offers:

Surgical Services
Advanced Equipment
Protocol Assistance, Design & Development
Pharmaceutical Product Development
Medical Device Testing

My PMI Experience

  • “PMI adds tremendous value to the medical device industry by serving the critical needs of R&D and preclinical studies. They truly become part of our Company in a seamless fashion.”

  • “It is always a great pleasure to conduct a pre-clinical study at PMI. Starting from the planning, scheduling and approval processes, to the study itself and the subsequent follow-up are all exceptional.”

  • “The PMI team is dedicated to ensuring the success of my project, through their collective breadth of experience, targeted approach to study design and unending commitment to customer satisfaction.”

  • “I have had the privilege of working with PMI for close to a decade and with numerous startups. It is always a great pleasure to conduct a pre-clinical study at PMI.”

  • “I find PMI to be a valuable partner as I continue to pursue medical device innovation.”

  • “I have relied on PMI’s clinical research services for over twenty years; their knowledge base and procedural execution has been instrumental in facilitating my ability to develop marketable medical devices in multiple startup entities.”

1031 Bing Street
San Carlos